Membership Terms and Conditions.


As an additional provision to the terms and conditions outlined above, this section pertains specifically to the "6-Week Challenge" front-end offer.


6.1 The "6-Week Challenge" offer refers to a specific program provided by The Gym that is distinct from regular membership contracts. The terms specified in this section apply exclusively to participants of this challenge.

6.2 The "6-Week Challenge" offer may include specific terms, requirements, and benefits that differ from regular membership contracts. Participants are advised to review all program details and eligibility criteria before enrollment.


6.1b All payments made for the "6-Week Challenge" offer are non-refundable, regardless of participation or completion.

6.2b By enrolling in the "6-Week Challenge," participants acknowledge and agree that there will be no refunds provided, whether due to non-completion, dissatisfaction, or any other reason.

6.3b The Gym reserves the right to modify or adjust the program's details, schedule, and offerings as needed, without impacting the non-refundable nature of the payments made.


6.1c The Gym retains the right to terminate a participant's enrolments in the "6-Week Challenge" offer in the event of non-compliance with program guidelines, misconduct, or any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by The Gym.

6.2c Termination of enrolment in the "6-Week Challenge" offer does not entitle the participant to a refund or compensation of any kind.


6.1d By enrolling in the "6-Week Challenge" offer, participants acknowledge that they have read and understood the terms outlined in this section.

6.2d Participants agree to abide by the specific terms and conditions of the "6-Week Challenge" offer, including the no-refund policy.


7.1 I understand that by completing payment and taking up membership at The Gym I am entering a contract and agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above.


These terms and conditions ("Agreement") govern the contractual relationship between you (referred to as "the Member") and Elements Fitness Training LTD (referred to as "The Gym"). By completing payment, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined below.


1.1 All contracts require upfront payment, and memberships will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

1.2 Health and Safety:

•The Gym will take reasonable precautions to ensure a safe training environment.

•The Member agrees to disclose any relevant medical conditions or injuries that may affect their ability to participate in the program.

•The Gym will provide appropriate modifications or alternatives for exercises to accommodate individual needs and limitations.

1.3 The Member agrees to follow all instructions given by The Gym staff.

1.4 The Member understands that their progress is dependent upon their effort, cooperation, consistency, and adherence to the program, both during and outside of training sessions.

1.5 The Gym's opening times are subject to change and may vary, especially during holiday and Bank Holiday periods.


1.6 To be eligible for the action takers guarantee, the Member must meet the following requirements:

•Attend a minimum of three coached sessions per week at The Gym consistently.

•Use MyFitnessPal to track and meet the nutrition targets set by The Gym daily.

•Complete measurements with the Gym's coaches every month for the entire duration of their membership.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in the forfeiture of any refund or guarantee.


2.1 By completing payment and agreeing to this contract, the Member commits to a minimum contracted term of either one month, six months, or twelve months, depending on the selected option.

2.2 This contract remains in force for a rolling calendar month, six months, or twelve months, starting from the contract start date, which is when payment is successfully processed.

2.3 After the minimum contracted term, the Member will automatically enter a rolling monthly contract, requiring a 28-day notice period for cancellation.


3.1 The Member agrees to pay monthly recurring fees for their membership at The Gym. The recurring fees range from £49.00 to £129.00, depending on the selected membership. Payments will be made via recurring card payment through the Stripe payment system.

3.2 The Member authorizes The Gym to charge their credit/debit card automatically every month for a minimum contracted period of six or twelve months, entering into a rolling monthly contract afterward, unless a cancellation request is submitted with 28 days' notice.

3.3 The Member certifies that they are the holder of the credit/debit card used when signing up for this contract via Stripe.

3.4 If the Member's account becomes more than 28 calendar days late, their service will be deactivated.


4.1 Once the initial contracted period has started, and a rolling monthly contract is in effect, Membership Pauses are limited to 60 days (two payments) per calendar year, in increments of 30 to 60 days only.

4.2 All Membership Pause requests require 28 days' notice before the next scheduled payment date. Late requests cannot be processed until after the next scheduled payment.

4.3 Upon expiration of the pause period, membership payments will automatically reactivate and resume.

4.4 If you choose to cancel your membership during the pause period, you must follow the normal cancellation procedure.


5.1 Following the initial minimum contracted term of monthly, 6 or 12 months all membership cancellations are subject to a 28 day notice period - any payments within this 28 day period will be processed as normal and are non-refundable. Note: You will, of course, be able to continue at the Gym for a month after your final payment has gone through.

5.2 Cancellation of a contract prior to the expiration of the minimum contracted term requires an early termination fee equal to 50% of the remainder the contract - so choose your contract option appropriately.

5.3 Memberships that are paid in full/upfront are non-refundable. 

5.4 These terms are NOT flexible so if you don’t intend to adhere to these terms then please DO NOT sign up.


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